Jolly Roger Sailing

Jolly Roger Sailing is strongly dedicated to the well-being and preservation of the marine environment. We honour the sea as the cradle of life, as the highway along which civilizations have interacted and flourished and as the place where people live, work, and enjoy true quality time. 

Although newcomers in the sailing industry, the members of Jolly Roger Sailing have been actively engaged in marine matters for the past three decades, in actions ranging from marine research and ecological activities to professional engagement in the Greek yacht charter market. This long relationship with the marine environment and its people has consolidated a profound respect for the sea, not only for the living marvels it nourishes but also as the best place for enjoyment and relaxation or for adventure and excitement and above all, a getaway to freedom, a feeling that reigns over the heart and mind when the sails unfold to the wind. And it is this sentiment we aspire to impart to all who choose our services for their sailing adventures.


The Sporades archipelago is made up of four large islands in close proximity to each other, which provide sufficient mooring and accommodation facilities. They also offer both lively and tranquil night life alternatives to satisfy every demand. Around the coastlines of the islands, there is a large variety of beaches, from very cosmopolitan ones, partly or very crowded during the high season, to small, secluded ones accessed only by sea, for those in search of a more private time. The numerous smaller isles (most of them uninhabited), scattered within the archipelago, the verdant scenery dominating the whole region and its deep blue waters, add to its mystique, impelling the sailors to a quest for hidden marvels. While sailing in the region an escort of dolphins is a rather common yet always marvelous surprise.

The Sporades is also famous for hosting the last robust population of the Mediterranean monk seal, the oldest seal species, protected within the boundaries of the National Marine Park. In most of the islands within the park anchoring is permitted. The luckiest of the visitors may even encounter one of these rare marine mammals.