Please be informed that the Terms and Conditions described in this website are subject to changes. We encourage our customers to contact our Reservation Manager (via e-mail or telephone, as described on our website) for an update in case such changes have taken place. He will also be happy to answer any other questions you may have regarding the Company, our policy, the procedures described in our website, and anything else regarding your holiday.

Regarding the booking procedures with Jolly Roger Sailing (hereafter: JRS), the following Booking, Payment and Cancellation Terms will apply:

a. Charterer’s qualifications

If you choose a Bareboat charter, it is required by JRS (as well as Greek legislation) that at least two crew members have adequate sailing competency. This can be verified by the appropriate sailing licence/certificate for the two crew members or, in case only one member holds a valid Skipper licence, the co-skipper can provide other proof of sailing competency, or sign a declaration of sailing competency.

The above documents are required by the port authorities and should be produced on the day of your check-in (a procedure carried out by JRS). Failling to do so, the port authorities will not permit the boat to depart. Furthermore, the port authorities request that the licences be in English or officially translated to English, and of course, that they have not expired.

Certain licences, such as Day Skipper certificates, motor yacht licences or those with different limitations, may not be accepted by the Port Authorities. For this reason, it would be best to send us a copy of your licence before your arrival, in order to make sure they are as requested.

b. Booking Procedures / Terms of Payment

On our website you can check the dates open for request. Once you have decided to reserve an open date, you can claim it as a request either: a) through our website, b) by e-mail, or c) directly by calling our Reservation Manager (contact details are also provided on our website).

Your request will be held for you as a pending request option for 48 hours. Within this period you will have to verify your interest by e-mail or phone, and our Reservation Manager will contact you for further details. If you need more days to decide, please contact our Reservation Manager. Next, you will be sent a booking contract with the charter details as well as information regarding payment. The date will be reserved for you when you have returned the signed booking contract and have wired a down payment equal to 50% of the total fare. Otherwise, the date will be offered to the next waiting claim. To overcome any problems resulting from possible bank transfer delays, you can send us proof of payment via e-mail and the date will be automatically reserved for you.

The remaining balance payment of 50% of the total fare must be wired 40 days before your check-in date at the latest. In case of a reservation made within 39 days from the check-in date, the full fare should be deposited.

For all payments, formal invoices will be sent to your mailbox three working days after your deposit at the latest, upon your request.

Keep in mind that the above payments refer to the cost of the fare and not the cost of any extra services you may have requested, or the security deposit, all of which will be paid at the Base before your embarkation.

The charterer is also responsible for notifying JRS of any changes in the crew composition should they occur.

c. Check-in / Check-out Procedure

All charters begin on Saturday at 17:00 at our Base. Before embarkation, the skipper and the co-skipper will be given a tour of the boat by our Base Manager, who will also answer any technical questions they may have. In case flight schedules do not allow for an on-time arrival at the port, a late check-in is possible until 19:00. In such a case, we must be notified in advance. Should you arrive even later, our Base Manager can wait for you at the port until 21:00 and he will accommodate you in the boat but there will be no check-in procedure on this day. In this case, check-in will commence the next morning between 08:30 and 09:00, and after all procedures are completed you will be ready to depart. The boat will be delivered to you with full water and fuel tanks, as well as full outboard engine tank.

Check-out is carried out also on Saturday at 09:00, but you are expected to be back to the Base port on Friday at the latest by 17:00, unless otherwise agreed. During check-out, the boat will be inspected by the Base Manager and by a diver, and after refilling the water and fuel tanks in your presence, your security deposit will be returned. Please keep in mind that the Charterer also bears the cost of the end-cleaning.

d. Cancellation Terms

Any change to the dates that have been booked is considered a cancellation and, depending on the date, is subject to the following fees:

i. Cancellation due to charterer’s negligence:

One to 40 days prior to the check-in date, 100% of the deposited charter fare will be withheld.
41 to 60 days prior to the scheduled check-in, the advance payment will be withheld.
For cancellations made more than 60 days prior to the check-in date, 30% of the total fare will be withheld and the remaining amount of the advance payment will be reimbursed.
However, if the yacht is booked for the cancelled period by another customer, the deposited fare will be returned in full, except for an administration fee of 300€ which will be withheld.

ii. Cancellation due to unforeseeable events

In the event unpredictable events have resulted in the cancellation of the booked charter by the Charterer (e.g., travel bans, border restrictions, flight cancellations), JRS will keep the deposited fare as an advance payment for another charter, which the customer is entitled to take within 18 months from the cancelled charter date. The Charterer will have to choose a charter of the same fare category, otherwise a balance payment will be necessary to compensate for the difference. In any case, this can be arranged with our Reservation Manager, who will advise you according to your best interests.

iii. Cancellation due to the company’s responsibility

In the extreme case where the vessel will not be available upon your arrival due to severe damage done during the previous charter, JRS will cover hotel expenses in the Base port for up to two days, given that the boat can be repaired in this time frame. Otherwise, JRS takes the responsibility to find another vessel for you of the same or higher category regarding the number of cabins/heads, and in such a case, the additional cost will be covered by the Company. If none of the above is possible, JRS will refund the deposited fare in full and accommodation expenses will be covered for the booked period.

JRS reserves the right to cancel a charter without any fare reimbursement if the Charterer does not comply with the terms described in the contract signed between the Charterer and the Company.

Third Party Liability and Charter Insurance

JRS has the company boat insured according to Greek law, against risks arising from liability to third parties and accidental damage to the hull, machinery, and equipment in excess of the refundable security deposit. However, the Charterer’s liability is not limited to the security deposit in case of an incident caused by a severe lack of sailing skills, great negligence or intention.

We highly recommend you arrange travel insurance to cover non-refundable deposits in case you need to cancel your booking for an unexpected reason. Please make sure you have personal travel insurance that covers sailing.