Frequently Asked Questions about sailing with Jolly Roger

Boats are chartered on a weekly basis. The minimum charter duration is one week, usually from Saturday to Saturday. However, there is no limit for charter durations longer than a week. Keep in mind that you will need to be back at the base by Friday noon or early evening for the formal inspection of the boat, but you do not have to disembark until the next morning.

If you choose to book a bareboat charter, you must hold a valid qualified skipper licence. You should also have a co-skipper at a verified competence level. However, no co-skipper or licence is required when you choose a skippered charter. In this case, there will be an extra charge for the skipper’s fee plus expenses for his/hers meals (this is subject to negotiation between you and the skipper).

It is a refundable fee, paid at the base before embarkation. The deposit is fully refundable when you check out, provided there is no damage on the boat, dinghy and other equipment and instruments. Upon your return to the base, the boat will be inspected by a diver and a charter operator, and in case of any damages inflicted during your journey, the value of the necessary repairs will be calculated and withheld from the security deposit.

The list of extra services our company provides is listed on our website in the “Book” section, along with the cost of each service. The cost for any extra services requested will be charged at the base after the check-in has been successfully completed and you are ready for embarkation.

Yes, there is a related request form in the company’s website where you can choose the provisions you want onboard upon your arrival. We will do the shopping you have requested, and your provisions will be on the boat when you check in. There is a small charge for the service plus the cost of the provisions. Once you have provided us with the shopping list, we will get back to you with the calculated cost for your approval.

The security deposit, which must be deposited before embarkation. However, if everything goes well, it is fully refundable upon your disembarkation, after the inspection of the boat. Other expenses that you will be requested to take on are the cost of the fuel spent during your journey and the fees of the marinas where you choose to moor. The boat will be delivered to you with full fuel and water tanks which will be refilled at your presence when you return, in order to tally up the cost. Also, if you chose a skippered charter, you will need to defray the skipper’s fee (190€/day) the meals and his/hers accommodation if the skipper will not stay overnight on the boat. This is subject to negotiation between you and the skipper. Lastly, you will also be asked to defray the cost of cleaning the boat cabins after your disembarkation (about 120€).

In case of heavy weather (in our region, strong north winds require adequate sailing competence), we will suggest alternative itineraries that will guide you via more sheltered areas.

Our base in the port of Volos can be accessed from three airports. The nearest one is the airport on Nea Anchialos (18 km, an estimated 22min drive), the second nearest is the airport of Thessaloniki (223 km, an estimated 2h 28min drive) and the farthest one is the airport of Athens (346 km, an estimated 3h 39min drive).

From all airports you can choose to take a bus to Volos, rent a car, or, far more conveniently, ask us to come and pick you up from the airport – or anywhere else you might be on the mainland – and drive you directly to the boat. The charges for this choice are listed on our website in the “Book” section.